Based in Sydney Australia, Kollected Studio specializes in CGI and Visual Effects, including, concept design & development, CGI modeling, animation, surfacing for film, commercials, VR and print.
From pre-production to proof, the team works closely with producers, art directors, and creatives building successful partnerships and bringing concepts to life. 

3D artist and founder, Nick Kaloterakis brings many years of international experience to image creation, 
leading a team of talented artists and technical wizards. 
He has worked as a senior 3D/2D artist for 15 years in advertising and post production.

Nick is passionate about perfecting the aesthetic as well as the technical value of his work, constantly challenging himself to take ideas to the next level.
Kollected has afforded Nick the opportunity to extend his skills and vision into a variety of areas and to work with designers, directors and studios keen to challenge traditional theories and explore the infinite possibilities of creativity.

Clients / Studios / Agencies
Blackbird VFX
Cutting Edge VFX
Fin Design & Effects
Slate VFX
The Pulse
Plastic Wax
Ink Project
Method Studios
Virtual Immersive
Untitled Studios

Bonnier Corporation
Continuum US
Channel Seven Network
Channel Nine Network
Hub San Fransisco
McCann US
Nasa Aerospace
National Geographic US
Popular Science US
Popular Mechanics US
New York Times
Mendola Arts
Hearst Corporation